From purple to pastel green, this is the color of the clothes that will be a fashion trend in 2021

It feels not immediately like we will enter the new year. At the end of this year, pastel colors and earth tones are the latest fashion trends. The launch of, 2021 will still be filled in a lighter pastel color. Meanwhile, yellow and gray are predicted to be the color of the fashion trend in 2021. Then, what color will be busy in 2021? Check the following, let’s go.

  1. Gray

When you look at Pantone color in 2021, color gray clothes will still be liked by many people and become the current fashion trend. The color of the monochrome will also not lose their trends in the new year. Fashion lovers will like it because they can provide an elegant style without having to be complicated.

  1. Yellow

Besides gray, yellow is also one of the 2021 Pantone colors. The combination of gray and yellow is predicted to be more widely used in the fashion world to provide a more fashionable look.

  1. Blue

Blue will also attract fashion lovers. One of them is dark blue, which is Kate Middleton’s favorite color. Blue is easily mixed with other bright colors for a more stylish display.

  1. Purple.

In 2021, purple would still be the current fashion trend. One of them is Lilac or Lilac. This color can create a sweet and luxurious fashion style, without having to be complicated.

  1. Green

Green clothes will still attract the world of fashion attention. There are two colors that you will like, namely Green Ash and Mint. Green ash clothes usually have a green pastel look close to nature. While the color of Mint will be a refreshing color of clothing.

  1. The color of the coral is burning

The color of the coral burns or a combination of pink and orange will be the current trend of fashion in 2021. This color is quite popular in 2020 and has become a trend in Pantone color.

  1. Pink.

Pastel Pinks will also increase in 2021. This pastel pink dress can provide a simple fashion style but still looks style and fashionable.

Author: fixfixleo