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Fashion & ShoppingDreaming concerning the not so peculiar, and particular items for my home I like to have a look at classic design websites hoping someday coming across one thing from the previous that would completely match my dwelling and wallet. I Love You 1,000,000,000,000 X. Saturday, March 30, 2013. Posts by : Admin. What Your Birthday March 31 Means. You came to this page to seek out the which means of why you had been born. The very truth is God loves you over and over 1000000000x. Friday, March 29, 2013. Posts by : Admin. What Your Birthday March 30 Means. You got here to this web page to search out the meaning of why you were born. The very fact is God loves you time and again 1000000000x. Thursday, March 28, 2013. Posts by : Admin. Wednesday, March 27, 2013.

In case you did not know that Julie, the Frenchwoman who blogs (in English) underneath the name Famille Summerbelle, was a designer of prints, textiles and interiors accessories, you’d guess pretty sharpish. The best way that images are artfully grouped in line with their topics’ type, pattern or color is a bit of a giveaway. Fans of the artist Rob Ryan would do effectively to comply with the link on the weblog to a shop promoting her work.

This old classic fashion blogger template is perfect for a private weblog and carries a singular look which will let your blog stand out from others. Chalkboard is a responsive theme which helps your blog to look stunning on all forms of screens, desktops, laptops, smartphones, tabs etc. It is a two column template, has one sidebar and the layout is black. The theme is elegant and has a minimalistic design. It has additionally been made SEO friendly to help your weblog get greater Google rankings and are available on top of all searches.

Wistia : This web site can be utilized to create video players that can be included in your web site in addition to to host movies. Among its numerous features are: iPad/iPhone assist, video analytics, social sharing, customization of video players, video heatmaps and extra. The fact that common web sites like Mailchimp, HubSpot, RiseToTheTop and are utilizing the service is in itself a testament to only how helpful this service may be.

Last weekend when I was on a work journey in Copenhagen, I had just a few hours off on saturday to walk round in that stunning city. Lucky me, my favourite retailer/gallery Oliver Gustav was open, and with Oliver´s permission I might take a couple of footage in there. This is the primary time I weblog with my mobile images and that is in all probability nothing I intend to proceed with, however hope you will be as inspired by the interiors as I used to be.… Read more

Daily Cup Of Couture

Dreaming concerning the not so bizarre, and special items for my house I like to take a look at vintage design web sites hoping sooner or later coming throughout something from the past that will perfectly match my dwelling and pockets. Griffo, the graphic designer behind this largely pictorial blog, is a typography nut and ardent fan of modernism – the mid-century Scandi type not the chilly, medical type. Cue lots of pictures of warmly textured interiors, particularly at the finish of the week when he uploads his ‘Friday Feast’ of the homes and rooms he’s at the moment drooling over. Be careful, too, for the odd guest look by his Swansea flat each time he and his boyfriend take supply of an Eames traditional to add to their not inconsiderable assortment.

Squarespace is a good possibility for websites that have a whole lot of dependence on their format and design. The choices here provides you with the flexibility to make a website with image-targeted design and a very clean look. four. The purchasing service purchases the merchandise on your behalf either on-line or in individual. Oh hey, long time no see! I took a number of months away from blogging to, you already know… have a baby and adjust to life at house with two littles. I’m looking forward to coming again to this area and picking up where I left off.

Cream is a bit deceptive identify as a result of it’s truly thick gel that turns into extremely smooth and nice when utilized on face. It accommodates entire carrot cells for hydration and anti-pollution powder that helps skin resist the effects of pollutants. You can also apply it over the make-up in the course of the day when extra hydration is needed.

Trend exhibits are particularly ripe for AR intervention, he said: If you consider a runway show in the vogue world, that’s a fantastic utility of AR as a result of some of these, you want to see the gown all the way round, you don’t want to only see the entrance.” That kind of experience is all of the more vital now that runway exhibits are catering to a wider shopper viewers watching on-line, and not just those seated within the front rows, he added.

One of my pations is developing web sites and apps. For every scenario a different answer. Utilizing all the most recent applied sciences in a product can making the top outcome. Totally different programming languages used in different instances. Every day by day downside can lead to an awesome concept. On this manner I take care of putting know-how at the service of the solutions. Cell gadgets have devoured the world and even to me. For every venture that I do, I find a model for these. My goal is to take an idea and make it works.… Read more

Halloween Exclamation: Tips For Choosing Halloween Costumes For Maximum Appearance

One of the most exciting activities at Halloween is a costume party. If you come with the right Halloween costume, the celebration will definitely feel more fun. All eyes will be on you, friends admire your choice of costumes, perform optimally in each photo, especially if you can get the best costume award! Unfortunately, choosing an appropriate Halloween costume isn’t always easy. Much needs to be considered, such as the choice of characters, styles, fashion items, including time and budget. So, how do you choose the right Halloween costume? Don’t worry, with you can definitely be the center of attention at this year’s Halloween costume party.

Look for inspiration from your hobbies or interests

One way to get the idea of ​​determining Halloween characters to be copied is from your own interests or hobbies. Do you like watching TV Series? Or hero movie? Or a horror movie? Are there characters that you like, or do you feel you can emulate? If you like to cook or like football, determine the characters or objects related to the hobby. Of course, you will enjoy being a character that you like, right?

Determine your Style

Choosing one particular character does not mean that your planning is complete. Think of the style you want to display. For example, you want to appear as Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games series. You still have to choose which look you want to display. Is the appearance strong and strong complete with bow arrows, or is it just a graceful appearance with a beautiful dress? Even classic figures like magicians can be displayed creepy, sweet, even sexy. Which is your style?

Find Example

Most likely, someone has appeared as a character of your choice before. Therefore, there must be many examples that you can make for inspiration. How can someone appear as a character? What items are used? Do you think you are fit to wear a costume like that? But make no mistake, having an example does not mean following his style 100 percent. Make the example inspiring and keep adjusting the costume to your own style!

Consider Time and Budget

Bringing together items to produce the right look like a Halloween costume can take a lot of time. Therefore, make sure you prepare everything from far away. Don’t forget that you need to make choices, search, order or even make the necessary items yourself, look for supporting accessories, and so on. For maximum results, avoid hasty decisions or preparations.

Getting items for Halloween costumes can also be expensive. Especially if you have to order special costumes or accessories. Be prepared to spend extra money, or think of other alternatives to save money, such as making your own costume or changing accessories with cheaper or you already have.

Do Rehearsal Dress

Wearing Halloween costumes means experimenting with a new look that is different from everyday appearance. Therefore, make sure you try it first. Not just the clothes, but also all the items, accessories, additional property, hairstyle, including supporting makeup. Do not get confused just before the party because there are items that are not suitable. By trying first all the look that will be used, you can also evaluate, what can be improved from your costume to make it more suitable. Or maybe you can get inspiration to juggle your look to be more unique and creative.… Read more


There is so much to see and do in Bangkok that it can get very confusing as a first-time visitor to the capital city of Thailand. It’s easy to get back home later and realise that you didn’t fit in the most important things and end up a little disappointed.

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To avoid feeling this way, here are 4 of the things that most people should do when in Bangkok but often slip their mind.

Get a Tailored Suit or Made-to-Measure Shirts

Getting a made-to-measure suit for work or custom shirts or blouses that fit you perfectly is one of the true pleasures in life. Unfortunately, going to a tailor in the UK is prohibitively expensive for most people, so few have had the pleasure.

The situation is entirely different when in Bangkok. The availability of high-quality fabrics, exact measurements taken and efficient tailormade clothing at an affordable price makes it possible for you to try your first clothing designed to fit your body shape perfectly from the best tailor in Bangkok.Some even have an app to help you get your measurements right before you arrive which saves time too.

See and Be Seen at a Rooftop Bar

Going to one of the many rooftop bars in Bangkokis a great way to see the city from an impressive vantage point. The bars sit atop skyscrapers and are often part of major hotel chains. As such, there’s typically a strict dress code such as a coat and tie or evening attire for the ladies. Flip-flops and a t-shirt with cargo shorts are not usuallyallowed.

Some bars are pure drinking holes to take selfies and impress your friends back home. Others like the Three Sixty at the Millennium Hilton Bangkok sits above the Chao Praya River affording great views while enjoying jazz music. Above Eleven is an interesting bar too with an overhead cover to protect from the sun. It is a restaurant too, so longer stays are preferable to enjoy a drink and a tasty meal.

Take a River Cruise

The Chao Praya River runs through parts of Bangkok much like the Thames River does in London. There are many river boat companies offering enjoyable river cruises in the evening. Dining out with traditional Thai cuisine and a mixture of Asian fusion and international fare provides plenty of food options. The booze flows freely too.

There are different choices for how upscale you wish to go with your river boat. Some are all about class and sophistication with the décor and five-star dining experience to back it up. Others are simpler affairs and more affordable. Cruises tend to cost at least £30-50 with the pricier ones nearer to £100 per person.

While it’s possible to take a cruise on the river during the daytime, Bangkok truly lights up at night all along the river making an evening cruise the far more preferable choice.

Visit Historic Chinatown

For anyone who’s a fan of visiting Chinatown, then don’t miss out on Chinatown in Bangkok. It’s lively and authentic. The quality of the food, as well as many restaurants’ focus on seafood with the Gulf of Thailand so close, puts an original spin on traditional Chinese dishes. There are also fusion Chinese and Thai dishes that are different to anything you’ll find anywhere else in the world.

This part of Bangkok is currently undergoing redevelopment with many historic Chinese shops and restaurants under threat, so be sure to see them before the big changes occur.

We all have our favourite things to do in Bangkok. There is so much activity that you really have to narrow down your choices to make your trip a special one and personal to you.… Read more

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